Brad by Welma close up SIMPLE-JOIE-15.jpg

Brad is the brains and brawn behind all of our infrastructure. From our lovingly crafted custom well that can be used to greet guests at events, to our rustic chic mobile bar, to our painstakingly renovated vintage horse trailer bar, he provides all of the essentials and accessories that we use to make your event as memorable as possible. He also runs the daily operations of our business and can usually be found at all of our events making sure that everything goes smoothly.


Deirdre is our mixologist and spends the bulk of her time in the test kitchen creating and refining our menu by working with all of the marvelous syrups, cordials, bitters, tonics, garnishments, etc. that make our craft cocktails so delicious. She never tires of experimenting with new recipes, ingredients, or different and unusual types of alcohol and truly enjoys working with people to create unique drinks to help make their event special. If you happen to find her slinging drinks behind the bar at one of our events, feel free to chat her up, she loves exchanging knowledge with fellow enthusiasts!


Certified bartenders, Nate and Amanda can also be found behind the bar at our events, bringing an element of youthful enthusiasm everywhere they go.