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You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Create An Amazing Cocktail and That’s Kind of the Same Thing...

Craft Cocktail Menu for Weddings and Private Events

Our menu includes some of our most popular drinks and is meant to be inspiring, but not restrictive. If you don’t see anything that tickles your taste buds, we would be happy to work with you to create something that does (as long as time permits):

Tequila Cocktails

The Burly Earl

anejo tequila | winter-spiced syrup | bitters

Blood Orange Margarita (seasonal)*

blood orange juice | silver tequila | fresh lime juice | bitters

*classic margaritas available year round


silver or reposado tequila | grapefruit cordial | fresh lime juice bitters | sparkling water

*add mezcal for a deliciously smoky version

Blackberry Bomb

anejo tequila | lemon juice | bitters
lemongrass syrup | muddled blackberries

Vodka Cocktails

The Classic Mule* 

mint | vodka | ginger beer | lime

*also available with mango or cranberry

Grapefruit Rosemary Sparkler

vodka | rosemary syrup | grapefruit juice
prosecco | elderflower liqueur

Basil Vodka Gimlet

fresh basil | vodka | lime cordial

Better Than Cotton Candy

lemon juice | rose syrup | vodka | bitters

Italian Greyhound

aperol | vodka | ruby-red grapefruit | bitters

Sweet Heat

green chile vodka | lime juice | cilantro
pineapple gum syrup | mint


Italian Sodas (lime, lemon, strawberry-rhubarb, etc.)

house flavored syrup/cordial | half and half | sparkling water 

Kickless Mule

ginger beer | lime juice | sparkling water
muddled sage | cinnamon syrup

Cranberry Lime Spritzer

cranberry juice | simple syrup | lime juice
sparkling water

Apple Ginger Cider

apple cider | house ginger beer | sparkling water

Gin Cocktails

Sage Lavender Blitz

gin | muddled sage | honey lavender syrup
lemonade | sparkling water | bitters

Twisted Gin & Tonic’s*

gin | tonic | sparkling water | lime juice

*pick your twist: cranberry, pomegranate, ginger-sage & more


gin | marionberry/olallieberry jam | simple syrup | lemon juice 

The Kickin’ Mule

gin | lemon juice | ginger beer | bitters
syrup infused with ginger, toasted peppercorns, & rosemary

Rum Cocktails

Coconut Mojito with Mint or Blackberry*

white rum | lime juice | mint or blackberries
coconut | sparkling water

*classic mojito also available (perfect if you’re not a coconut fan)

Stayin’ Up Late! (Old Fashioned Style)

aged rum | coffee cordial | coffee bitters

Rum Away With Me

grenadine | lime juice | sparkling water
orgeat | coconut water | saline tincture

Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler

pomegranate juice | white rum | lemon juice | ginger beer

The Pineapple Express

white rum | raspberry jam | pineapple juice

Bourbon Cocktails

Winnipeg Winter

bourbon | apple cider | ginger beer


bourbon | spiced orange-honey syrup | bitters

*toasted coconut or cranberry orange versions also available

Blackberry Bourbon Tea

bourbon | blackberries | orange syrup
herb infused earl grey tea | bitters

Thyme Bourbon Cooler

bourbon | thyme syrup | lime juice
grapefruit juice | bitters